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Von Frank, am 19. September 2014

Ticket bought for voodoo lounge Dublin :)

Von jorge reyes, am 18. September 2014

hey guys. you should comeback to los angeles. the whisky a go go gig was bad ass , i like the way your music goes is an inspiration for me . is not about brutal music but saying the world's reality the way they hate most.. with words!!!11

Von THRASHMAN, am 04. September 2014


Von ramgopal, am 30. August 2014

We are eagerly waiting to see you guys in india ..hope you have a kick ass set list for Indian fans..thrash till death \m/

Von sarah krisa, am 27. August 2014

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Von Konstantin, am 01. August 2014

Danke Jungs, Ihr habt meine Jugend mitgeprt, ich bin Russland aufgewachsen, damals war vieles verboten, aber an Destruction kam ich doch ran! Danke f Eure MUSIK!

Von CHRISTOS, am 02. Juli 2014


Von Johnb542, am 02. Juni 2014

omg! cant picture how quick time pass, after August, ber months time already and Setempber may be the 1st Christmas season in my location, I genuinely really like it! acgedefebacd

Von Igor Ferreira, am 08. May 2014

In the next show in Brazil, why you don't sing the music "The alliance of hellhoundz"?

Von Kaiser, am 08. May 2014

Please come to Vancouver! As a fourteen year old Canadian, I really don't get the live thrashing I need. It's been my dream to see Destruction, please do a North American tour!

Von Matheus, am 28. März 2014

Come back to Brazil, guys!!! We are expecting you here!

Von gus, am 27. März 2014

This Saturday will be epic! Let the butchery begin!!! \m/

Von Oleg, am 24. März 2014

Please re-issue the Neo-Destruction albums!

Von Maurice, am 19. März 2014

Can\\\'t wait to see Destruction on april 14th in Montreal, Canada ! I saw you guys in 2012 and it was amazing... Bienvenue Montrl !

Von Metal-Matze, am 12. März 2014

Danke Jungs f euren geilen Auftritt in Nnberg ! Wir wschen Euch ne gute Reise in die USA und viel Erfolg bei den Konzerten ! Cheers Metal-Unity Sporch

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