ATTENTION: Venue change in Bogota!!

Last minute venue change in Bogota/Colombia! Please share: Ozzy bar closed down, new venue is Auditorio Lumiere!!! Please check with local promoter and spread the word!!!

Full Rock Hard Show on TV again!

Rockpalast | 29. / 30.05.2016, 00.05 - 03.35 Uhr | WDR television and from Monday also streaming at - Check it out, there are LOTS of specials & surprises packed to our gig!!


Thanx to all the Metalheads & Thrashers that made this possible:  

DESTRUCTION has entered the charts worldwide at the following positions:

UK Rock Top40 #39
BELGIUM Wallonie #85
BELGIUM Vlaanderen #145
JAPAN #126
USA Heatseekers #17
USA Hard Music #27
CANADA Hard Music #96

Congratulation Boys!!!

Mastermind Schmier states:
"I think this is the BEST reactions we ever had for a new album since INFERNAL OVERKILL, not even our best selling album THE ANTICHRIST had such an impact on the billboards of the world! We are talking underground music here, so it`s an amazing statement for THRASH & the fans! A big CHEERS to all those rebels who don t accept the norm and support the sound of the pit!"

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UNDER ATTACK hits the German Charts!

13260292 1100641973327969 106703172028612599 nFUCK YEAH! We made it! No 68 of the official German charts ...AMAZING! CHEERS to all those who made this possible, the last album did not make it there, so it s so much MORE special this time! THANX MOTHERFUCKERS!!!