Hey Metalheads, the second video clip for β€œBORN TO THRASH – LIVE IN GERMANY” is coming this Friday!
Today we are really excited to tease you with a trailer of the smash-hammer β€œNAILED TO THE CROSS” and some first press reactions about our very spontaneous live record!
The album is already available for streaming, the physical release is next month on July 17th!

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We are very proud to release our very spontaneous live-album β€žBorn To Thrash – Live in Germanyβ€œ in a digital version today!
The album is available on all streaming plattforms now. We have a kick ass video clip of CURSE THE GODS for you also!
The preorder has started CLICK HERE
Schmier states: β€œ'Curse The Gods' is the first of the three video clips that we will release until the album is out physically in July! There is no better opener for a DESTRUCTION show, and the song and its lyrics are still a true classic! Still one of my faves to play live, even after all those years!”
We made it possible for the fans to already stream this record now and not like usual on the release day of the physical product in some months. Production and promotion normally takes several weeks but unusual times need unusual measures! Nothing is like a LIVE show and we all are missing it!”

Enjoy the record - PLAY IT LOUD!!!


Just some days till "Born To Thrash - Live In Germany", our first live album with the current line-up, will be released digitally on May 8th!
To keep the ball rolling, we are revealing the tracklist for the upcoming album today. We hope your favourite song is included? It reads as follows:

1. Curse The Gods
2. Nailed To The Cross
3. Born To Perish
4. Mad Butcher
5. Life Without Sense
6. Betrayal
7. Total Desaster
8. The Butcher Strikes Back
9. Thrash Till Death
10. Bestial Invasion

The record is 53 minutes long.

The band states:
β€œWhen we played the show at Party.San festival last summer, we least expected, that it will end up as a new live record! But the show simply turned out excellent! ”
This flawless setlist of classics and future anthems blends in perfectly into a relentless time document of extreme music, that you can only catch at a live show! This plus the amazing audience makes this raw, authentic, fast and brutal DESTRUCTION song collection, one to remember!”

Release day May 8th is also start of the pre-sale of the physical product (details in last news below) and the release of the first video clip for the album "Curse the Gods!"

Trailer for Live album BORN TO THRASH online now!

Our first LIVE album with the current line-up will already be released digitally next week, on May, 8th!
The album will also be available on Digipak, Black Vinyl, Red Transparent Vinyl and Picture Vinyl on July, 17th and and will also feature the special world map poster from the fan campaign!

The pre-order is due to launch May, 8th - so stay tuned and keep an eye on the net for further infos please! 😎🀘

Singer and bassist Schmier comments on the release:
β€œThis live album is the most spontaneous thing we ever did I think! This is the music business, everything usually takes time and the label does not like surprises. But a good friend of ours spontaneously recorded that Party.San show and we had a film team there that weekend cause we were shooting a movie.
It was a fantastic show and since the Covid-19 has halted all live concerts, we decided to release this for the fans. This also introduces the current fantastic new line up that not all of our fans have seen live yet cause of the actual situation! We will release three official videos in total during the promo of 'Born To Thrash - Live In Germany'!

The film crew wasn't there to record all of the set but our movie will show the scenery behind the stage and the way we try to achieve our goals! So luckily they caught at least some of the stage magic that night! It feels so awesome that we can share this!”