Thank you SUMMER BREEZE Festival!

DESTRUCTION played a surprise concert on the Summer Breeze fest last wednesday. The tribut night for one of the founders of the festival, Mike Trengert (called T) that tragicly passed away some years ago, was a night to remember. The band wants to thank the fans and the festival organisation for making it a special one - you fuckin RULE!

DEAF FOREVER magazine with huge INFERNAL OVERKILL special!

The German DEAF FOREVER mag has a fantastic 13 pages INFERNAL OVERKILL special in the new issue. A lots of interviews, old pictures and background infos about on of the 80s Thrash-classics. Thank you GΓΆtz, we feel honored! As the magazine comes into the stores only next week, here is the online link to purchase the upcoming edition:


Anthems II

Hey guys!

The last days of our pledgemusic campaign are counting down - don't miss this unique chance to get your hands on our most rare release in our history!

Pledgers are able to participate until July 21st 2017 here:

We also released a brandnew video about this great collection of DESTRUCTION classics on our facebook apge:

PLEDGE CAMPAIGN ends in a few days - grab your chance to be part of history!

Pledge now!!

As the manufacturing/production of the THRASH ANTHEMS II will start next week, we have to close the item: 

"Name in Linernotes & singed CD plus download" 
So those who want to purchase this, have time till this Sunday July 9th. 5 days till this item will NOT be available anymore.

All Pledgers will get a free download voucher for the first single this weekend. 

CDs and most items will be delivered in early August, Vinyl has a long production/waiting time and will be delivered later, as the manufacture-time may vary, we will keep you posted.

During the delivering period ALL Pledgers will get their download voucher for the whole record!

PLEDGE NOW and get the most limited DESTRUCTION album in history!


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