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Check out this special update on the recording of the drums with Vaaver. He has done a fantastic job 
in re-animating the 80`s classics and keeping the vibe alive. 

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North America Under Attack 2017!


The Under Attack tour will finally come to North America. Sorry for the little delay, but it has been a busy and successful run so far in other countries and we are looking forward to bringing it to North America. With WARBRINGER and JUNGLE ROT, we are bringing two crushing bands that are friends and fit very well on this old-school billing.

America was never easy to tour for foreign thrash bands, and that’s why it’s always special for us. You just never know when it’s going to be the last time as it is not going to get easier in the future.
So come out to thrash and party with us and of course the set list will feature a lot of 80’s classics as we as we are working on THRASH ANTHEMS II at the moment. See you in the pit!

Confirmed dates for the "North American Under Attack 2017" tour is as follows:
5/22/17  Metro Opera House - Oakland, CA* 
5/23/17  Hawthorne Theatre - Portland, OR*  
5/24/17  Studio Seven - Seattle, WA*
5/26/17  Marquis Theatre - Denver, CO*    
5/27/17  Aftershock - Kansas City, MO*
5/28/17  Reggie's - Chicago, IL**
5/29/17  Harpo's - Detroit, MI**
5/30/17  Mod Club - Toronto, ON**
5/31/17  L'Astral - Montreal, QC**
6/01/17  Gramercy Theatre - New York, NY**
6/02/17  Montage Music Hall - Rochester, NY**    
6/03/17  Emerson theater - Indianapolis, IN** 
6/04/17  The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA**
6/05/17  Haven Lounge - Orlando, FL **
6/07/17  Grizzly Hall - Austin, TX*
6/08/17  Gas Monkey Bar & Grill - Dallas, TX* 
6/09/17  Launchpad - Albuquerque, NM*
6/10/17  Joe's Grotto - Phoenix, AZ*
6/11/17  Regent Theater - Los Angeles, CA*

Back from "Under Attack"-Tour Pt. 2

"Hey everybody we are back home, had time to relax and are now working on THRASH ANTHEMS II already. We wanna thank all the fans that came to he second leg of our UNDER ATTACK European tour. We really do appreciate the support in rather difficult times in many East European countries – you people rocked our roundtrip big time.  Due the icecold winter this year, it wasn`t always easy and we were all fighting the usual influenza, annoying fever and a cough from hell that didn´t wanna go away.

The shows in Stockholm, Katowice, Kosice and Sofia been the highlights of this tour, many other shows were really awesome as well – you maniacs ruled the pit!

In the end of our adventurous voyage we were facing some organizational issues and some diverse contractual difficulties. We had to cancel one show due the lack of professional equipment & environment plus serious safety issues – it is always really frustrating to not play a concert when you have traveled for hours and hours. We partly understood the anger of the disappointed Italian fans, we were devastated as well but all lies spread by unprofessional local promoters will have consequences in future bookings of the band. Dignity, honor and honesty have to be part of this business.

We will not gamble anymore to discover new places and face risky and venturous events and markets. Yes it was curious and amazing in the same time but we are not able do continue this way.  We did this traveling circus now for many decades and will give this task now to all those young and wild bands that will follow our path and are ready to discover the end of the world …good luck with that!

Cheers for 34 years of metal-history folks - it was a pleasure!"

Tour Impressions 2017 Pt. II
Tour Impressions 2017 Pt. II
Tour Impressions 2017 Pt. II
Tour Impressions 2017 Pt. II
Tour Impressions 2017 Pt. II
Tour Impressions 2017 Pt. II
Tour Impressions 2017 Pt. II
Tour Impressions 2017 Pt. II
Tour Impressions 2017 Pt. II
Tour Impressions 2017 Pt. II