We are excited to announce, that our MANDOLIN streaming ticket is on sale now. Also MERCH FACTORY has two exclusive event shirts and a merch bundle ready for you.
You can find everything if you click CLICK HERE

Sorry this took a little longer than expected but the preparations with several new partners were a bit time consuming.

We are all new to this. At the moment an event like this, is the only thing that can keep the flame burning, that gives us hope, keeps us busy and entertained and can hopefully help us to survive this crisis that paralyzed our industry and profession.

The live streaming of the show will start at 8.00 PM CET (Frankfurt) that is 2.00 PM in New York city or 10.00PM in Moscow on 01.01.2021. For Asia and Australia the show will be early in the morning on the 2nd of January but the concert will be available 48h on demand (this just got extended), if you have purchased a ticket.

Merchandise will be manufactured and delivered from MERCH FACTORY as our fulfillment partner in January after the event. Please note due to Covid 19 the international shipping became more pricy and lengthy. So you might have to wait some days longer because of the known, difficult circumstances!

The show itself will be filmed at the Z7, the Swiss premier concert temple in Pratteln. We will deliver you an “over the top” concert, a once in a life time event, with extra length, special setlist, some surprises and the full headliner production with top notch picture and sound quality!

THANK YOU for being a part of this. Your support is the key for any of our future projects, we really appreciate to have such loyal fans all over the world! Hopefully see you all in the near future in person at a real live concert again, cause we all know nothing can beat the tension, the energy, the power and the experience of an attended live gig! UNITED WE STAND!!!

Enjoy the event and stay healthy and sane!


We are very happy to announce, that we have teamed up with Mandolin our live streaming partner for our “THRASH INTO 2021 – the ultimate live stream attack” (live 01.01.2021) event! ☠️ 🔥
The ticket-page will go online on Tuesday December 8th for the direct ticket-sales start.
There will be a V.I.P. and a normal Live stream available, we have also teamed up with merchfactory GmbH as our live stream merchandise fulfillment partner.

All details will be online on December 8th – please tune in! 🤘

THRASH INTO 2021- The ultimate Live stream attack!

Desperate times are calling for desperate measures!

We have lost hundreds of concerts and can not tour the world this year, and most likely also not into a big part of 2021 for obvious reasons! So we have decided to bring you a big DESTRUCTION show to your home screens worldwide!

YES - this is only an emergency solution!

We all want real live shows again but until then we need to survive as musicians, as humans and as a band. So this live stream is also a scream for solidarity with DESTRUCTION and the future of the band! We will deliver you something unique and once in a “live-time”, a big concert production in one of the best venues in Europe, the Z7 in Switzerland! We will crush with a “BEST OF 38 YEARS” setlist and some anthems we have not played in a long time!

This is gonna be a highlight cause we will deliver the fans a top sound, picture and concert feeling as a sign of hope and solidarity and a great start into 2021!
We will offer several bundles, also a merch option with a special event shirt and VIP access. Something for everybody.

Our online shop will go “live” this upcoming week, we will keep you in the loop, please stay tuned! We know not everybody is into this idea, it was the same for us! It took us a while to acquire, accept and plan this event, for the future of us as a band.

UNITED WE STAND – stay healthy and sane! 🤘😉


We have something special for all vinyl lovers from our US partner Deko Entertainment!

They will give away a test pressing of the "BORN TO THRASH" album. 🤘😉

Please check out this direct link to the contest: CLICK HERE

Here are the links to make the direct "BORN TO THRASH" purchase from the label pages.
North America: CLICK HERE
European Vinyl order: CLICK HERE

Big announcement coming!

Dear Music lovers! 🔥🖤🔥

Because of the unacceptable conditions for all artists & the event industry, we are preparing something very special for the beginning of 2021.

Something unique and once in a lifetime. A historical event for us and the fans worldwide.
Please stay tuned for more news very soon! 🤘☠️🤘