New open air event in Dortmund confirmed!

Desperate times call for desperate measures!⚑️☠️⚑️
We are excited to announce another last-minute show in Dortmund/Germany! 🀘😎

There is only a good three weeks left and this open-air concert @Junkyard Dortmund might be the last one outside this year. The fabulous BURNING WITCHES will be our special guest on this social distancing event in the heart of Germany. Please tell your friends or get a dose of Metal yourself!
Facebook event page: CLICK HERE
Ticket presale: CLICK HERE

BORN TO THRASH special North American release details!

Happy news, our special live record BORN TO THRASH, that got released during the pandemic, will now finally be released in North America via Deko Entertainment, with a different cover and more extras!

So far the album was only available as an EU import and hard to get in North America.

Many American fans complained and we are happy that the album will be released in a very special new CD/DVD configuration with a different cover now. The double vinyl including the poster will be available as well (also with a different cover color) 😍🀘
DEKO will also offer special bundles with a limited shirt and a new patch, please check out all details on their sales page CLICK HERE
Direct shipping from DEKO for CD/DVD is expected in late September, Vinyl some weeks later, all before the official record release day.

Official record store release dates for CD & DVD is October 30th, for Vinyl November 29th. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯


Our live shows with BURNING WITCHES are just two weeks away. All ticket links are online now on our website in the LIVE section!

Singer and band leader Schmier comments: β€œWe are excited to play some socially distanced shows with the amazing Burning Witches in September! Yes it is challenging to try new ways, the shows are different and the promo is last minute because of the circumstances but if we do not try we will not know what the future can bring. We all need some normality back and concerts are a part of that.
We hope that the fans will take the chance to catch some live music again! See you at the gigs in Leipzig, Munich and Jaromer (Czech Republic).”

Special guest will be the Swiss all-woman Heavy Metal band BURNING WITCHES, who revealed their new lead guitarist Larissa some weeks ago. The ladies are currently working in the studio and recording their band-new single, which will be released on September 18th via NUCLEAR BLAST.

Drummer Lala adds: β€œTouring with Destruction is a big dream for me, I am a long-time fan and I could never imagine that this would ever happen! We are looking forward to be a part of this and we are steamed up to hit the stage again! The WITCHES are back!”

10.09.20 DE Leipzig - Festwiese
11.09.20 CZ Jaromer - Narodak
12.09.20 DE MΓΌnchen - Backstage | 2 Shows (Matinee + Evening)

3 Shows with special guest BURNING WITCHES in September confirmed

We are proud, to present you three concerts in Leipzig, Jaromer(Czech) and Munich with the awesome special guest BURNING WITCHES this September.
There is not much time left, tickets are limited - support live music and get yours now!

All tickets links can be found on here on our page in the LIVE section! CLICK HERE Thanks for your support - UNITED WE STAND!


It is small steps that we are doing but each of them really counts!
We are happy and excited to announce a German social distancing event @ The Backstage Club in Munich on the 12th of September! 🀘😍
The concerts will have a limited ticket capacity of 200 tickets (per show) only and take place at WERK, the biggest venue at the club (800 square meters)! That is why we will, for the first time ever, play two shows in one day.
One in the afternoon and one the evening. We are proud to present you the Swiss Metal sensation BURNING WITCHES as our very special guests on this memorable event! ⚑️⚑️⚑️
Please get your tickets early enough, as the concert might sell out quick. We appreciate your support and are thrilled to hit the stage again and thrash with you! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
The club offers the following ticket options:
Ticket Matinee (doors 15.30): CLICK HERE
Ticket Evening (doors 20.00): CLICK HERE
Combi-ticket for both shows: CLICK HERE
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