New videoclip for the song BETRAYAL in the can!

The boys have teamed up & filmed their upcoming video clip for the song BETRAYAL with the skillful & creative director Achilleas Gatsopoulos for Hypnagogia Films (

The new official videoclip will be aired on July 19th! There will also be a trailer out in the week of release - please stay tuned! BETRAYAL will be the new Digi-Single available on all streaming portals the same day!

Frontman SCHMIER states:

„ BETRAYAL is one of my faves on this album because of the catchiness & the great classic thrash feel. We all have been betrayed at one point, life is an emotional rollercoaster and this is the soundtrack! We love the work of Achilleas Gatsopoulos and we are very pleased that he handles the duties with us on visualizing this song! Thanks to Randy that brought him into the game - the filming was great fun & we learned a lot of new things!“

We will keep you posted on the release of BETRAYAL - cheers for supporting the oldschool!