Here it is, the first leg of our WORLDWIDE headlining tour in 2020.

We will be joining forces with Dutch death/thrash monsters LEGION OF THE DAMNED, Greek thrash metal maniacs SUICIDAL ANGELS and German death-thrashers FINAL BREATH to tour Europe.

DESTRUCTION singer & bassist Schmier comments:

"Yeah - the »Thrash Alliance« is coming with a BANG! We are delighted to headline this strong billing of blistering steel! All the bands have put out really forceful records lately and are right down our alley, when it comes to uniqueness, live power & cool lads! DESTRUCTION will present a remarkable new setlist with classics & of course some of the brand-new slashers from »Born To Perish«! Come out & THRASH with us maniacs!"

Yes, this is only center Europe for now BUT UK & Ireland, South Europe, East Europe & Scandinavia will be announced in a later packages of our word-run! Same with the rest of the planet, so don t worry we will try our best to go EVERYWHERE where fans wanna see us!