ABYSS festival in Sweden cancelled because of the Corona virus!

Very sad news Metalheads! We all saw this coming today, the Corona drama continues and the ABYSS Festival in Gothenburg is cancelled and postponed to autumn this year by the Swedish government. Many shows are being affected right now, so please read the announcement from the ABYSS team here: https://www.facebook.com/304711230114461/posts/583936882191893?sfns=mo As we already have plans or have confirmed festivals and tours for Asia in September, North America in October/November and Latin America in November it will be a bit difficult for us to confirm our contribution for autumn at the ABYSS right away! We will sure try our very best to make it to the festival and perform our INFERNAL OVERKILL oldschool set! 🤘 We are now working hard to make it all happen, thanks for the support and understanding! This is a huge mess... Lets hope we all get through this terrible crisis quick ...be safe everybody! ✌️