Thanks for the great weekend Z7 - aftermovie announced!

Thanks to everybody that came and supported the shows at the Z7 in Switzerland. The fans were really disciplined and safty was granted well and peaceful! Many have asked us how it was, so we decided to film an aftermovie about these events.

Here we have a trailer for the aftermovie from last weekend.

The movie itself will be released next week. We understand & appreciate that the interest in the events are very big, as we were one of the first international touring bands having concerts after the lockdown ended here in Europe.
Watch the trailer on YouTube:

Vocalist SCHMIER states:
“When we heard that our fave club Z7 is doing concerts under government restrictions, we were amazed by the fact cause we all know that the prognosis for shows this year was very low.”

“Switzerland has very low Corona cases and moves ahead as a role-model at the moment. When we got invited to play, I read the precautions and restrictions for concerts in the country and there is a lot of substance in their catalogue of measures. Social distancing only works with common sense, so we all need to learn how to live with it!“

“The shows turned out great, the people were really respectful and we have decided to film the event. So our team is working on an after-movie and a live mix till next week now, the world need to see that there is HOPE for the music business!!!

"Yes it will not be easy but we can do it, step by step and all together!”

More news very soon – thanks for the worldwide support we have received!
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