As most of you know, last weekend we had two shows under special Corona restrictions, at the Z7 in Switzerland. We have captured this moment and decided to release an aftermovie about this special event in these difficult times.
Check out the video on YouTube:

Vocalist Schmier states:β€œI am very glad that our film-team could capture those moments, the first shows after the loosening of the rules in Switzerland for concerts, were for sure a special moment for all of us. The fans did a very good job and the social distancing worked pretty well. For sure much better than in the supermarket or on public transport these days. We all felt safe & sound and sure you can not completely avoid contact but you can use your common sense. The precautions and government rules have been implemented well and that was important for everybody involved!
It will still be very challenging to bring concerts back into our lives. If masks will be a part of that future or other precautions, will the next weeks show. It is important to take the new challenges and try – instead of doing nothing and just accepting the situation of no shows!
DESTRUCTION will continue this path and play a social distancing Open Air close to Berlin in August. A concept that works for a while in Germany and now this now the first METAL show in that format.
Thanks for all the support & stay healthy and aware!”
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