THRASH INTO 2021- The ultimate Live stream attack!

Desperate times are calling for desperate measures!

We have lost hundreds of concerts and can not tour the world this year, and most likely also not into a big part of 2021 for obvious reasons! So we have decided to bring you a big DESTRUCTION show to your home screens worldwide!

YES - this is only an emergency solution!

We all want real live shows again but until then we need to survive as musicians, as humans and as a band. So this live stream is also a scream for solidarity with DESTRUCTION and the future of the band! We will deliver you something unique and once in a “live-time”, a big concert production in one of the best venues in Europe, the Z7 in Switzerland! We will crush with a “BEST OF 38 YEARS” setlist and some anthems we have not played in a long time!

This is gonna be a highlight cause we will deliver the fans a top sound, picture and concert feeling as a sign of hope and solidarity and a great start into 2021!
We will offer several bundles, also a merch option with a special event shirt and VIP access. Something for everybody.

Our online shop will go “live” this upcoming week, we will keep you in the loop, please stay tuned! We know not everybody is into this idea, it was the same for us! It took us a while to acquire, accept and plan this event, for the future of us as a band.

UNITED WE STAND – stay healthy and sane! 🤘😉
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