Unfortunately the whole music industry is suffering a supply shortage and delivery bottleneck.
The lack of "polyvinyl chloride" (PVC) to produce CDs and mainly vinyl is delaying our vinyl production. Our label @Napalm records has now released the new delivery dates. We appologize for this bad news beyond our control.

So we are really sorry about this but ALL orders will be delivered with a delay on the 15th of October, this affects most labels at the moment.

68656 DESTRUCTION Live Attack - BLACK 3-Vinyl 08.13.2021 -> 10.15.2021 

68657 DESTRUCTION Live Attack - GOLD BLACK Marbled 3- Vinyl 08.13.2021 -> 10.15.2021 

68658 DESTRUCTION Live Attack - BLUE BLACK Marbled 3- Vinyl 08.13.2021 -> 10.15.2021 

69901 DESTRUCTION State of Apathy - NEON GREEN 12" EP 09.10.2021 -> 10.15.2021 

69902 DESTRUCTION State of Apathy - PURPLE 12" EP 09.10.2021 -> 10.15.2021

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