Bring 'em on - the first "Under Attack"-Quotes arrived!!

020 underattack„...this whole thing is a real success,  without denying the roots and those songs are among the best DESTRUCTION have ever written!“
Zephyrs Odem (GER) Alex 9,5/10

"With "UNDER ATTACK", Destruction created their own ''Painkiller'' .... this is their best album so far and exactly what Teutonic thrash is meant to be!
Rock Hard Italy | Luca Bosio | 10/10

"The spirit of Lemmy is still strong in this one …"
Brave Words (Canada) Mark Gromen

„DESTRUCTION once more,  proof their status as an exeptional band and throw out their best album since their reunion. Riffs, Grooves and Screaming par excellence!“
Metal Hammer (GER), Tom Küppers

„DESTRUCTION in top form again, really diversified and not old fashioned sounding Thrash Metal! “
Legacy (GER), Michael Schumacher