Under Attack

Under Attack 

"With "UNDER ATTACK", Destruction created their own ''Painkiller'' ....
this is their best album so far and exactly what Teutonic thrash is meant to be!"
Luca Bosio (Rock Hard Italy) 10/10

CD-Digi, Double-Vinyl in various colors




Schmier (Vocals / Bass)
Mike (Guitars)
Vaaver (Drums)

01. Under Attack
02. Generation Nevermore
03. Dethroned
04. Getting Used To The Evil
05. Pathogenic
06. Elegant Pigs
07. Second To None
08. Stand Up For What You Deliver
09. Conductor Of The Void
10. Stigmatized

11. Black Metal (VENOM coverversion feat. Alex [Krisiun])
12. Thrash Attack

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